Story Game Convention in Olympia, WA


proposal requirements
Submissions are due via online form on April 30th, and include all four of the following:

A description of the artist’s design concept. The design must include space for 2 tables with 3-6 chairs at each table.

*Concept Images
Sketches, photographs, or other images showing us the concept for the finished installation.

A list of what you will need to build your installation. This helps us to coordinate the purchasing and scavenging of needed materials.

Total estimated cost of the materials for your installation.

artist agreement

*The Artist will be responsible for the installation of their work at the Procession of the Species Studio between June 8-14, and the removal of their work by 8pm on June 18th.

*The Artist will be reimbursed for documented expenses within their proposed budget.

*The Artist will receive as compensation a full pass, t-shirt, and an equal share of 60% of net profit (if any) from the convention divided equally between each installation.

submission form

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Installation Title



Estimated Budget

Concept Art / Sketches

Art Directors:
Reimbursement / Accounting: